Rota Health Center

Rota Health Center is the only medical facility on Rota.  The center operates through different sections: Emergency Room, In- Patients, Out-patient Clinic, Public Health, Records, Pharmacy, Laboratory, X-ray and Ultrasound, Nursing, Business Section, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Supply, Medical Referral, Social Services, and the Bureau of Environmental Health. 


Rota Health Center is currently staffed with a total of Forty two (42) personnel under the direction of the Resident Director Vanessa Hocog.

Vanessa Hocog, Resident Director

One Full Time Physician:

Dr. Francois Classens

Medical Surgeon

Resident Doctor of RHC for 8 years

With the assistance of (2) Registered Nurse, (5) LPN’s and (6) NA’s and also auxiliary staff (2) X-ray Tech,( 2) Lab Tech and 23 administrative support staff:
 For more informaton, contact Vanessa Hocog at (670) 532-9461/62/63 


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