Chest Clinic

The Chest Clinic prevents and controls the spread of Tuberculosis (TB) and Hansen's Disease (HD) or Leprosy. TB is one of the most contagious and prevalent communication diseases, which HD although not as infectious, is a chronic illness that can lead to disability. Both are curable and the Clinical facilities completion of a prescribed course of therapy by providing each newly diagnosed person with medical assessment, monitoring, education and support services necessary.

The TB Program is federally funded by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CNMI CHCC TB Program offers services such as:


·         Direct patient care including treatment, counseling, and patient education, and prevention.

·         Assessment and screening of walk-in clients and referrals from the hospital and private clinics.

·         TB diagnosis through Tuberculin Skin Testing (PPD)

·         TB diagnosis through medical laboratory or x-rays.

·         PPD testing for the community if you have the symptoms, clearances for all CHCC employee health screening, NMC, high school students and office of the aging, Direct & Home DOT patient and family TB/Hansen’s education & outreach, pamphlets, video and other materials.

·         Home Direct Observed Therapy (H-DOT) and Clinic DOT

·         Active TB Treatment

·         Latent TB Treatment

·         Hansen’s Disease (HD) Screening and Diagnosis

·         Contact Investigation


Chest Clinic Employees:

Dr. James U. Hofschinder, Medical Director for Tuberculosis

Marcelina Rabauliman, TB/Hansen's Program Manager

Editha Magpili, TB and Employee Health Registered Nurse

Helen Harding, TB outreach and Contact Investigator

Yvette Cruz, TB Outreach Nurse

Venus Perreras, Staff Nurse

Hours of Operation: Weekdays, 7:30am to 4:30pm

For more information on the DPH Chest Clinic, please contact Marcelina Rabauliman at 236-8376/7.

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