Tuberculosis and Hansen’s Disease Clinic

The Chest Clinic houses the TB/Hansen’s Disease Prevention and Control Program, which focuses predominantly on the treatment of those with active TB, as well as their primary and secondary contacts on Saipan, Tinain, and Rota. It is funded both by local CNMI funds and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Effective implementation of TB prevention and control utilizes active partnerships with private clinics in referrals, continual public education and outreach, contact investigation, directly observed therapy (DOT), collaborating with CHCC radiology department after a positive skin test by performing a chest x-ray to verify if there are abnormalities in the lungs concerning for pulmonary tuberculosis, and the robust screening and testing capability of the state of the art CHCC microbiology laboratory.

Mission: Reduce the burden and impact of Tuberculosis, drug resistant Tuberculosis in the CNMI.

Vision: A CNMI free of Tuberculosis

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Direct patient care including treatment, counseling, and patient education, and prevention.

Assessment and screening of walk-in clients and referrals from the hospital and private clinics

TB diagnosis through Tuberculin Skin Testing (PPD) ( Tuberculin Skin Testing (TST): $27.00)

TB diagnosis through medical laboratory or x-rays.

PPD testing for the community if you have the symptoms, clearances for NMC students, high school students and office of the aging, Direct & Home DOT patient and family TB/Hansen’s education & outreach, pamphlets, video and other materials.

Home Direct Observed Therapy (H-DOT) and Clinic DOT

Active TB Treatment

Latent TB Treatment

Hansen’s Disease (HD) Screening and Diagnosis

Contact Investigation