Community Guidance Center

The Community Guidance Center (CGC) is the primary provider of mental and behavioral health services in the CNMI, offering comprehensive services for children, adolescents, adults, and elderly people living with emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse-related issues.

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The CGC operates a variety of clinics in different locations around Saipan. Below is the contact information for the main office/Wellness Clinic.

Services & Programs

Suicide Prevention

The Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Program provides counseling services to people who are having thoughts of suicide or have made a suicide attempt, with an emphasis on youth and young adults, ages 10-24.

Wellness Clinic

Wellness Clinic services include the Victims of Crime Advocacy (VOCA) Program, which supports the provision of services to all victims of reported or unreported crime in the CNMI. These include victims who need counseling due to secondary trauma, domestic violence, depression, panic disorders, physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse, and other mental health issues.

System of Care

The System of Care Program focuses on providing mental health services and support to children and youth, from birth to age 21, who are experiencing or may be at-risk of developing severe emotional challenges.

Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment & Recovery Clinic

This program provides education and outreach on the prevention of underage drinking and substance abuse.

Transitional Living Center

The TLC is designed for individuals 19 years or older with severe and persistent mental illness.

YUTU Crisis Counseling Program

The You, Us, Together, United (YUTU) CCP is an exclusively outreach-based program that focuses on visiting community members in their home or village to provide free and confidential services including giving emotional support, teaching coping skills, and providing referrals as needed.